Career Opportunity-Business Broker
Opportunity                        Business Broker

Company                            The Gage Group


                           Bachelors Degree or Equivalent Professional Experience

Expected Earnings
          $50,000 to $500,000 Annually

This is a commission only position and due to a lengthy sales cycle you must be prepared to wait 3 to
6 months for your first commission.  This is an excellent opportunity for a previous owner looking for a
new career that provides a challenging position with significant rewards.
Job Description
A Business Broker acts in much the same way as a Real Estate Agent, except that we deal with
businesses and or real property.  Currently there are over 17 million privately held businesses in
America and at any one time approximately 20% of these businesses are for sale.   Businesses
Brokerage is a relatively new profession that lists and sells these businesses for a fee.  Unlike
Realtors, there are far fewer Business Brokers; therefore competition is not nearly so fierce.  

As large companies downsize, thousands of potential small business buyers with 401Ks available
are entering the market along with the people who have sold a business and looking for another and
the people who are looking to fulfill their lifelong dream of owning their own business.  Our task is to
match the proper potential buyer with the sellers that we have listed.  For this we earn an attractive
10% commission which is shared between the Broker and the company.   Your earning potential is
only limited by your desire and dedication.

I must warn you, Business Brokerage is not for everyone.  You only get paid if you produce results,
however if you have the desire to succeed and the willingness to work hard, we can train you to be a
successful Business Broker.  You can work from home and meet people from all walks of life.
Essentially you are in business for your self but not by yourself.

If this sound like an opportunity you would like to pursue, please  e-mail
your resume to  or fax it to 866 691-8987.
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